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Give it Five Minutes

This is a great post by Jason Fried @ 37Signals on conducting yourself and your state of mind. Its so important to have an open mind in business. Please do have a read. After my talk Richard came up to introduce himself and compliment my talk. That was very generous of him. He certainly didn’t …

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Moving 6 Billion Messages Without Being Noticed

We’ve just finished moving every message in every user’s message center — all 6 billion of them — to a brand new set of database servers, and we managed to do it without anyone noticing. We didn’t find much published material about the best way to do this, so we wanted to share a few …

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Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners

While researching some .Net tutorials online I came across a series done by a couple of guys in the Microsoft space who put together a great step by step guide to break into Windows Phone development. Normally I wouldnt go through the trouble to write an article but what I think is great is that …

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