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  3. Every Software Developer Needs to be Involved with Open Source — June 26, 2013
  4. It’s Better to be Clear Than Clever — September 17, 2012
  5. Avoid Any Gadget with OLED Displays (For Now) — March 29, 2012

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Employ Engineers not Librarians

If you are running a software company today and are not heavily investing documentation, you are throwing money away. Far too often there is the attitude of putting off or completely forgoing full documentation in an effort to ship a product sooner. After all, spending time and money on documentation slows you down and doesn’t …

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Don’t Become Trained to Self Interrupt

The great thing about good habits is that we can identify, train and adopt them into our everyday lives. Sadly, the same is true for bad habits, however we rarely are aware that we have acquired them. This rang true with me recently where after a couple rough, interruption filled weeks in the office I …

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Every Software Developer Needs to be Involved with Open Source

Gone are the days of the high barrier of entry into open source coding. No longer is open source the realm of console Linux hackers who don’t have the time to talk to noobs. Within a few minutes you can be knee deep in a GitHub project digging through the work of weekend hackers or …

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It’s Better to be Clear Than Clever

In my years of coding I have had the opportunity to work with, or after, a wide range of types of programmers. Both self taught and professionally trained, and in small and fast paced companies there wasn’t always a set of coding standards in place leaving developers to do what was best in their opinion. …

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Avoid Any Gadget with OLED Displays (For Now)

With each new device comes a bigger and better screen with sharpness, color range and contrast levels that are downright incredible. Tablets are now advancing beyond HDTVs and as tech junkies, it is in our DNA to purchase these bests of breed. However, these advances do not come without their faults. On the cutting edge …

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When to Use TRY / CATCH

UPDATE: Due to some confusion and helpful feedback, this article may be more appropriately titled “When NOT to use Try Catch”. Its a sink hole that I’ve seen far too often working with a wide range of talent levels in the fields between consultant workers and past generations reintroduced to the codebase. Being fault tolerant …

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HTML5 Got Pushed to 2014 and I Don’t Care

Recently the W3C stated that after several more years of rigorous testing the final HTML5 spec will be ratified in 2014. This sounds nice but truthfully you need to be building and deploying your web apps in HTML5 now, because it is already here. The last major browser to gain HTML5 support(Internet Explorer 9) is …

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Testing for HTML 5 Support

HTML5 and CSS3 are the shiny new web development things which we all want to learn and use but the truth is today most internet users do not have browsers which support them or support them all the way. Even as newer browsers come out it’ll take a couple years to be able to depend …

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CSS Primer

What is CSS CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets but is essentiallay a clean and consise way to seperate the content of your website from the way it is displayed. By keeping the styling seperate you can minimize your code, make changes to your site rapidly, do more advanced styling and get your site crawled …

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Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners

While researching some .Net tutorials online I came across a series done by a couple of guys in the Microsoft space who put together a great step by step guide to break into Windows Phone development. Normally I wouldnt go through the trouble to write an article but what I think is great is that …

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