DataBoost is comprised of cool software engineering articles and tutorials. I try to write as much as I can when learning new things or implementing new technologies at home or for my day job. Often times I will link out to others in the space who have done interesting things that I found worthwhile. Knowledge and collaboration is power in software engineering.My primary goal for DataBoost is to provide an environment for software engineers in which the early beginner to the advanced can feel at home sharing information. The aim is to provide, tips, lessons learned, and easy to follow guides on topics spread across many languages and platforms. When you can teach something, you know that you truly own the subject.

Gregory Brooks:

I head up software engineering at CoreMedia-Systems in Fairfield, NJ yet, this site is more about a passion for technology, programming, software architecture and the practices surrounding them. All opinions are my own. DataBoost today is a rebirth of a site of the same name I created and ran during college to supplement students I had as I worked as a tutor and while going out and learning things on my own. The goal of the site was, and still is to provide great and always free tutorials into technology to help get over sometimes very steep learning curves. Now as a successful engineer, I still have the passion to learn, share and teach.

With DataBoost and I can promise two things, that I will be putting 100% effort into the content and will research any questions you may have and second that the methods I am going to discuss have been succesfully implemented and deployed in the real world. I am always interested in your questions and feedback on posts and tutorials good or bad and am excited to talk to and meet all of you.

The best way to reach me is usually via twitter(@KeyboardG) or by email Greg [at] DataBoost [dot] org. I will respond to everyone and every message.


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